Looking ahead to opening of 3D Printing Lab

Looking ahead to opening of 3D Printing Lab

Cole Corapi

The new and improved 3D Printing Lab will be open to all incoming students next school year. Mr. Pituch, Vice President of Academics and Student Affairs, and Mr. Dougherty, Vice President of Enrollment Management, said that the lab will be ready by the Fall of 2022. They both seemed to be very ambitious and excited for the opening of the lab and the opportunities that will come with it for incoming students and the school as a whole.

“Its purpose will be to enhance how we have already been using the 3D printing in classes and begin branching the use of 3D printing into more classes like physics and more,” Mr. Pituch said.

“Any student that takes a technology-related course, participates in Esports, is involved in robotics, assists with the morning newscast, or is involved in one of the many STEAM clubs and activities will take advantage of this lab,” Mr. Dougherty said. “The purpose of the lab is to give Cathedral Prep students access to the latest technology and courses, so they will have a strong technological foundation when pursuing collegiate majors in STEM-related fields, ultimately resulting in lucrative careers.”

The opening of this lab will give students now and in the future the opportunity to further their education and build a framework for future jobs in the technology field. 

This lab will play a big role in bringing in more students in the technology field. “One of the hopes is that prospective students will be attracted to the new facilities and programs coming in the fall of 2022, especially the components of the STEAM Hub, such as the 3D Printing Lab,” “Mr. Dougherty said. “Several students at Open House mentioned that their interest was piqued this year particularly because of the new Steam Hub. We believe that more and more students will want to take advantage of the opportunities the facility will bring, resulting in more students joining the Cathedral Prep family. There’s no doubt that more students will enroll at Cathedral Prep because of the renovations, expansion, and the new technology, such as the 3D printing lab. We believe we will see an increase in enrollment, but it’s impossible to gauge how much of an increase.”

“Just like the consolidation in general, the 3D printing areas should increase options for students and expand their course options when coming to Prep,” Mr. Pituch said. 

The future is looking very bright for incoming students. The consolidation seems to be giving Prep and its incoming students lots of opportunities in order to help with future growth. “The new facility will undoubtedly help students achieve their goals and dreams of obtaining college degrees in cyber/technology fields,” Mr. Dougherty said. “Cathedral Prep students will have access to equipment, software, and opportunities that most high school students don’t see until they get to college. We believe the offerings at Cathedral Prep will make our graduates more appealing to college admissions officers.”

This is important because when looking at college courses you can see how much more they have to offer compared to what high schools offer their students. The opening of this lab allows students to be prepared for college and then when they go into the real world to make a career.

“This is probably the most exciting time in the 100-year history of Cathedral Prep, and this facility will help ensure Cathedral Prep is still developing men and women of vision in spirit, mind, and body for another 100 years,” Mr. Dougherty said.