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What is the best type of Christmas cookie?


With the calendar turned in December, the countdown to Christmas is on. This week, our staff wrote about what they believe is the best type of Christmas cookie.

Colin Bish

It’s hard to determine what type of Christmas cookie is the best because there could be a lot of different types of answers to this. But I would have to say my grandmother’s cookies she makes every year are always great. Every year she makes the same style of cookies depending on the season, and they are always great. She designs them differently, such as snowflakes, Christmas ornaments, Christmas trees, etc.

Olivia Buckel

The best type of Christmas cookie is gingerbread! My mom is always in charge of them during the holiday season, and we love to give them out to our neighbors, friends, and family. They are always extra chewy on the inside and crisp on the outside, just like all good cookies should be. She uses cinnamon, clove, tons of sugar, molasses, and my personal favorite, nutmeg. These spices smell so good when the cookies are cooking, and the scent spreads throughout the whole house. I love helping her make them. It is one of my favorite holiday traditions.  

Cole Corapi

Christmas is by far my favorite time of the year. The giving and receiving of gifts, lights, and especially the cookies are why I love it. Me, my dad, and my aunt always get together every year, except for the last two years because of COVID, and we make a variety of different cookies like gingerbread cookies, snowball cookies, Hershey kiss cookies, and lots more. Out of all the ones we make my favorite are the thumbprint cookies. They are a sugar cookies with an indent in the middle where you put jelly or jam and then put icing on top.  

Rue Daniels

My favorite Christmas cookie is red velvet with cream cheese frosting. My mom makes them along with other traditional baked goods every year. My brother and I usually help out, but only one of us can be in the kitchen at a time. It’s the rules. 

Maddie Hess

I think the best type of Christmas cookie is gingerbread. Gingerbread cookies have the most spice and are unique to Christmas. Sugar cookies are a somewhat bland, every-other-holiday sort of cookie. Gingerbread, on the other hand, is not really made for any holiday but Christmas. Gingerbread can also be used in different ways: to make cookies, gingerbread houses, etc. Gingerbread is more creative and spicy, therefore, overall the best.

Bryce Kalie

Every year for Christmas someone in the family bakes a bunch of assorted cookies for everyone to enjoy. But out of each cookie there is on the tray, no other sticks out more than the famous peanut butter blossom. The peanut butter blossom is a peanut butter base with a Hershey kiss in the middle, and sugar coating the cookie. When taking a bite your taste buds will be thanking you forever. It is by far my favorite cookie to eat around Christmas, and in my opinion, nothing beats it.

Sam Louie

The best type of Christmas cookie by far are gingerbread cookies. The reasoning is because you’re meant to make them into gingerbread men that can be designed in any way with frosting. It’s able to bring out creativity in people while tasting good at the same time. I don’t think any cookie can come into comparison because they can only be made a certain few ways. There are so many ways to make gingerbread cookies, not to mention the fact that they’re arguably the best tasting cookies of all of them.

Maeve McCormick 

My favorite Christmas cookies are called chocolate crinkles. These cookies are fudge with some powdered sugar sprinkled on top. Jill makes them every year during the holiday season, and they’ve been a favorite of mine since I was a kid. 

Jack Rouch

The best type of cookie is the gingerbread cookie. I think this is the best type of Christmas cookie because it exemplifies Christmas the most. When people hear gingerbread cookie, they think of Christmas. I also think the gingerbread cookie is the best cookie because it isn’t too sweet, but still has frosting which makes it have a good balance of ginger spice and sweet frosting.

What is your favorite part of Thanksgiving dinner? Share your response in the comments.

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