What are your most effective study strategies?


The Rambler

Do you have a big test coming up? How do you prepare for it? This week our staff responded to the question of the week asking them about their most effective study habits. Read on to learn what works for them. Then share your best study strategies in the comments.

Colin Bish

I kind of mix and match different things to do when studying. One of my favorite strategies is listening to music, and it can be any type. My favorites are relaxing types of music that kind of calm my nerves and senses so that I can concentrate on stuff. Another strategy I find really good is finding a place with no one or thing around me to distract me. That way I can only focus on my work without having any outside distractions

Olivia Buckel

When I sit down to study, the possibility for distractions to occur around me has to be almost none. If my phone is dinging, or my dogs are barking, or my parents are talking loud, I am unable to focus. For that reason, I have to be in a cool, quiet room, and I also like to start studying for big exams ahead of time. At least a few days ahead is what I prefer to do because then I am not panicked the night before a test. I feel much more confident, and I can walk into the exam room feeling relaxed.  

Cole Corapi

When it comes to studying there are a few strategies that I find very affective. I even use these strategies myself each and every time I have a test. One strategy is using studying apps that have games or flash cards like Kahoot, Quizziz, Khan Academy, and Quizlet. Another great strategy is studying days before the test or even study each section as you go so that you can really understand it better in the long run. The final strategy of many is to get a good studying area that is quiet so you can keep focus for longer periods of time. These strategies and many others are what I use to do the best I can on each test.  

Maddie Hess

The best study habits that I have acquired over my years in school include re-copying my notes and flash cards. I have found that these are the best ways for me to study because I am seeing the material again. If I just read over my notes, I tend to not be able to remember the material as well. Another habit I have is creating little ways to remember words and definitions, such as funny phrases or putting letters and words together.  

Bryce Kalie

When it comes to studying there are many habits that people have. For me what I’ve found to be the most useful study method is listening to music in a room by myself. I think this way I’m able to purely focus on work. With just light music in the background it helps motivate you to grind the work out. This is what I’ve found to work best when I’m studying, and it helps me stay on task and on top of my work.

Sam Louie

I’m still trying to find out my most effective strategies for studying. I have a problem with procrastinating too much. Therefore, I usually find it effective to just start studying the night before so I have a basic idea in the morning. Depending when my test is, I then usually study throughout the day up until that period. It’s not a very healthy study habit but usually for me it works. I’m able to then retain the information until the time of my test, so I’m warmed up for it.

Jack Rouch

The most effective way for me to study is to put my headphones on, play music and start to study my material. Playing music while I study helps me because it takes my mind off of everything else that is going on in my mind besides my studies.

What study strategies do you find most effective? Share your response in the comments.