April Rice Bowl competition

April Rice Bowl competition

Sam Louie

The Rice Bowl competition is done every year throughout the diocese. It’s usually meant to raise money for those in third-world countries. However, this year the student councils from both Prep and Villa have come together to create one rice bowl competition.

“All money raised is going towards the Catholic Relief Foundation,” student council advisor Mr. Baltzer said. “It’s to help those suffering from the war in Ukraine.”

There will be a “rice bowl” in every grade’s theology classrooms. This is to ensure that every grade can participate together considering they all have one theology teacher.

At the end totals are tallied up. They’ll be taken from both schools before being added together to find the combined total for each grade. The grade that raises the most amount of money receives an award of ice cream at the end of the month. The idea is great. The only question people may wonder is “how many people are actually donating to the cause?”

“I’m happy with the way the rice bowl seems to be turning out,” student council President Michael Vereb said. “It looks like a lot of people are participating. Usually when the idea of ice cream or another award is thrown in there, more people tend to participate!”

With loads of people participating on both campuses it shouldn’t be too hard to find a good chunk of money to help out those in Ukraine. This is only one of the events Cathedral Prep is doing to take part in to help the people of Ukraine. There have been multiple events held in the last few months, including the bracket challenge and dress downs. All of those proceedings also went to the Catholic Relief Foundation.