Student Profile: Ryan Friedman


Sam Louie

Ryan Friedman is an athletic, academic, moral role model of what it’s like to be a Cathedral Prep Rambler. Ryan previously attended Saint Jude’s, a Catholic elementary/middle school. He played basketball throughout his years in middle school. When he came to Prep he joined basketball and lacrosse. He did pretty well too, winning the district 10 championship three of three times for his lacrosse team.

Ryan is an AP scholar who is also a part of the Gannon Dual Enrollment Program. This enables him to take high level courses at a college level. He plans on furthering his academic success at Pennsylvania State, University Park campus.

“He’s had a lot of success at Prep like I did at Villa, and I’m excited to see him do great at Penn State,” said Ryan’s older sister Kayla.

Ryan will be attending Penn State on a full-ride scholarship. He received the Evans Scholarship award for his academic achievements and his performance on the golf course as a caddie. The scholarship is prestigious, and Ryan was able to be one of two people in Erie this year to attain it. While attending the school, he’ll now be living in a house with other Evans scholars from across the country.

However, it all starts at Prep. “Prep was the main reason for all my success I’ve had,” Ryan said. “I’m thankful to have the gift of free college and friends for a life time just by choosing my high school.”