2022 Senior Retreat


Jack Rouch

On Tuesday May 17, the Cathedral Prep senior class had their senior retreat at the Peek’n Peak Resort ropes course.

The seniors spent there day at Peek’n Peak Resort bonding with their brothers. The day was spent eating pizza, playing football and many more fun activities.

The seniors were separated into four groups, and each group went into the trees for the ropes course. Some seniors were feeling ambitious and trying the double black diamond ropes course. Other seniors were feeling chill and did the green and blue courses. Besides the ropes course the seniors spent there day playing football and cornhole. The seniors got a big game of two hand touch football, which led to slot of high school boys muddy.

But the highlight of the day was Mr. Biebel. As the day was winding down, senior Caden Pustelak went on a one-on-one route against Mr. Biebel. Mr. Biebel was playing defensive back and Caden was playing receiver. With the whole class of 2022 watching Mr. Biebel leaped into the air like Jalen Ramsey and deflected the pass. The whole class erupted and rushed over to Mr. Biebel as Caden had to swallow his pride.

“I honestly couldn’t believe what happened,” senior Anthony Morgan said. “Mr. Biebel might have to sign a contract to be a defensive back in the NFL.”

“I almost jumped out of my pants when I saw [Mr.] Biebel make that play,” said senior Shamari Lofton.

With all of the fun activities that happened, the seniors also got to have one last bond as a class together as they head closer to graduation.