Students, Faculty, Staff dress up in costumes for Halloween


Theology Department, Batman villains, and Mr. Del Rio, we don’t know Very nicely done, Theology Department, our caps off to you, but Mr. DelRio… Really? Seriously? Award: Best Costumes as a Department

The Rambler

Halloween never dies. Some stingy members of higher society deem such customs as trick-or-treating and dressing up senseless and immature, but that’s nonsense. Here at Cathedral Prep, we take pride in our creative ability. The date of October 31, 2013, aka HALLOWEEN, gave many teachers and students alike the opportunity to showcase their creative prowess.
Though students at Prep get to wear costumes at rallies and sporting events all year long,  it’s only once a year that the students get to wear them to school. Having partaken in a scavenger hunt the entire morning around the school searching for the best costume, we’ve composed a list and given our thoughts for each one. You will be surprised at some of the results, with there being many well thought out costumes, as well as disappointments, this year.
Scroll through the slideshow below for a look at the best costumes that could be found throughout the school on that wonderful, nostalgic day of All Hallow’s Eve.

Biggest Disappointments
Science Department
If you would have asked us who we thought would win the Best Costumes as a Department, we would have put our money on the Science Department. The biggest disappointment was Mr. Wahlmark’s costume, or lack thereof (after he dressed up as a Jedi last year). Mr. Biebel talked himself up too, but he didn’t even dress up.
Teachers who didn’t hand out candy to their classes
You know who you are. *Shaking our heads*
So there you have it.  Long live Halloween!!!