Staff Profile: Dominick Scarpino


Henry Abercrombie, Staff Writer

Ever since his childhood, Dominick has classified himself as a history nerd. Although some would argue that the word “nerd” comes with some negative connotations, Dominick would argue that it is the opposite. As a new member of The Rambler’s team of journalists, Dominick would like to share the perspectives that he brings to the table.

Dominick has always drawn inspiration from history during the more difficult times in his life. When asked about the historical events that inspired him, Dominick quickly pointed out the Battle of the Yser, where the remnants of the Belgian army were able to fend off the advance of Nazi Germany long enough for aid to arrive.

“It was costly, but it teaches us the importance of perseverance,” he said.

Another inspiring historical figure was Admiral Yi, who teaches a similar lesson.

He “won several battles while hopelessly outnumbered,” according to Dominick.

Unfortunately, some would criticize his interests.

“Some people laugh at me, and I ignore them because I know I am correct about history being cool,” he stated.

One of the major reasons that Dominick has such an infatuation with history is because of its importance in the modern day as well.

“If we don’t learn about history, we are doomed to repeat it,” Dominick said.

He hopes that our generation takes advantage of our extensive knowledge of history to prevent the mistakes of the past from occurring again. As of now, he believes that our generation will be remembered for “not doing enough about climate change,” saying that “climate change is important to me—I don’t want to see the world burn.”