Student takes love for photography to the next level


Kendra Piotrowski, Multimedia Coordinator

Cathedral Prep is full of outgoing and creative students. Lohan Mastrian is definitely one of them. He is a sophomore at Prep that took his love for photography and used it to snap photos of athletes during practices, games and warmups.

Lohan was inspired by alumni, Amory Coleman-Reeves, who received a lot of positive feedback when he made social media posts for Prep.

“Amory’s videos had such a large social media presence, and it was something I wanted to take after,” Lohan said.

Lohan hopes to continue to do work for teams and schools in his future career.

“Working in social media departments for teams or programs would be amazing, and I look forward to the opportunities that come,” Lohan said.

Lohan mentioned he has had a couple difficulties with just trying to get the right edit and it not working out, causing him to loose sleep as well as the challenge of getting his hands on the right equipment to get the perfect picture.

“I thoroughly enjoy what I do,” Lohan said. “It seemingly takes up all of my time. I’ll be up late doing homework, and then I’ll transition into editing because I’ll get inspiration.”

Lohan’s title is freelance photographer and videographer, basically meaning he sells his photo and video service to anyone interested in his work.

Prep sports is Lohan’s main focus. However, he has taken photos for other teams, schools, and programs, and he is willing to do work for anyone that asks.

“While I mainly focus on Prep sports, if someone reaches out asking for work, I have no reason to not do just that,” Lohan said.

Lohan is very talented and clearly puts his talent to good use. Check out Lohan’s Instagram to view some of his work, @lohprod_.