What is your favorite breakfast place?


The Rambler

“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day” is more marketing slogan than fact; however, the staff of The Rambler appreciates a good breakfast. This week the staff weighed in with their opinion about their favorite breakfast place.

Henry Abercrombie

We don’t really go out to eat for breakfast. None of us really want to wake up early and drive out to a restaurant. If we are going to eat somewhere else, it is always for dinner. However, my dad often makes breakfast for all of us on the weekends. Some of my favorite breakfast dishes that he has made include French toast, blueberry/strawberry/apple cinnamon pancakes, or a breakfast sandwich with a toasted everything bagel as a bun, eggs, cheese, and maybe ham in the middle as well. However, my absolute favorite would have to be stuffed Poblano peppers. They are large, slightly spicy peppers stuffed with eggs, cheese, onions, and mushrooms. It’s essentially an omelet within a pepper. The dish is simultaneously spicy and savory, making it my favorite.  

Gabe Allegretto

My favorite breakfast place is ironically called The Breakfast Place. It’s a restaurant that’s situated pretty close to my house, and my family has been going there for a considerable amount of time. They have pretty much everything you could want for breakfast, but I usually always get an omelette. Alternatively, I’ll find myself going to Perkins for their breakfast burgers; they’ve always been one of my favorites.  

Olivia Buckel

I think my favorite place to eat breakfast is Waffle House. Their waffles are always so crispy and their side dishes are always amazing, especially their hash browns and bacon. I also have really happy memories with my family there during our vacations. If I got to choose anywhere in the world, I would choose a breakfast place I ate in Chicago that I unfortunately cannot remember the name of, I think it was called Jelly Café, and they had the best beignets I have ever had.

Luke Costello

Alicia Gonzalez

My favorite breakfast place would have to be Panos on 38th street. They have some of the best breakfast options in Erie and they also have great pancakes with plenty of great sides you can add. Not only is Panos great for breakfast, but they have plenty of great options for lunch and or brunch with a fantastic homemade Greek sauce. With plenty of great options for breakfast and for lunch, Panos would be a great option for anyone to have a great meal when they first wake up in the morning. Not only is the food good with plenty of great options, but it is very cost efficient. 

Hayden Hutchinson
My favorite breakfast place is Waffle House. While there is no Waffle House in Erie, whenever I go south or even to Ohio, I usually try and stop. While it is by no means a five-star experience the interactions and experiences there can sometimes be second to none. It is a very interesting place that also has amazing breakfast food. Overall, I like Waffle House because of its environment. 
Matt Kalie
Kendra Piotrowski
My favorite breakfast place is The Breakfast Place because they have the best breakfast food and they have to be the most place ever. It also is very much like a diner, and I love that setting. The Breakfast Place has the most fluffy pancakes, and they have amazing waffles. Their eggs are seasoned just right, and their coffee is like no other. The only thing that isn’t great is there are always so many people, so of you don’t get there early it may take awhile to get a seat.  
John Santone
My favorite breakfast place is McDonald’s. It may sound like a weird choice, but it’s good. The quality can be relatively unreliable, but if you go to a McDonald’s you trust, you should be ok. The hotcakes are really good, it’s cheap, and it’s quick. The hash browns are amazing too. The plate they give you even has holes to catch the syrup so it doesn’t spill all over your car. 
Dominick Scarpino
My favorite breakfast place is Perkins. Growing up, I always went there whenever I could. I mostly went on Fridays in the evening with my parents before they had to work most of the weekend. I would always get the same thing, the pancakes, egg, and toast combination. No matter what time of day I went, I would always get that. Now, I mostly go on Sundays with my grandparents before Mass. I never have had any other interest to get anything else except Perkins for breakfast I don’t except that to change anytime soon.