Recent drop in gas prices enjoyed by Prep students who drive


The Rambler

Gas has dropped drastically in the past couple weeks. This has affected the nation as a whole, but it also affects students at Cathedral Prep. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, gas has dropped approximately $0.20 in the last two weeks, and more than $0.50 since the middle of the summer. That is a review of the United States gas prices as a whole.
In the Erie, Pa. area, gas has dropped to as cheap as $2.82 at the GetGo on Peach St. and the Delta Sonic on Peach St.. These gas stations are recent competitors and are directly off of Interstate 90. The common price of gas around town is around $3.00.
The Rambler polled 25 students at Cathedral Prep who drive, asking them what type of vehicle they drive. Of that group, 48 percent drive a car and 52 percent drive an SUV. A car usually has a gas tank that holds around 12 gallons. An SUV gas tank holds anywhere from 16 to 20 gallons.
Prep senior Sean Reed, who drives a 1999 red Chevrolet Cavalier, said, “I filled up my car about a week ago and it cost me $42.87.”  Gas was around $3.15 when he filled up his car. Ben Eliason who drives a 2004 Honda CRV, said, “I filled up my car last night and it cost me $35 to fill up.”
For high school students, gas money can be hard to come by and filling up your vehicle can break the bank. The change in gas prices is good news for everyone, especially for all the Ramblers who drive. Hopefully the prices are here to stay and continue to lower.