Why donating to the school is a great investment

October 31, 2014

Cathedral Prep has been around for almost a century. Ever since Bishop Gannon founded the school back in 1921, the school’s goal was for educating people from all social classes, the poor, the rich, and the middle class. For the school to make such an outstanding education available to the students, a lot of money is needed to keep up the valuable education.

Alumni understand what Cathedral Prep is all about. It is about creating men of vision in spirit, mind, and body. No person that has Prep has walked out the same in those three areas. That is why Cathedral Prep is a one-of-a-kind school; it is where a brotherhood are established, faith is grown, and intelligence is tested. This school prepares all students who put forth effort for college, and are not disappointed. This great institution uses all tools necessary to advance student’s education and take it to a whole different level. Ramblers are all about showing excellence in all that they do whether it is in athletics, faith, or academics.

The world is in a desperate state of need for better people, and those people are being built from head to toe at Prep. As soon as the students graduate high school, they start their next step into collage. After that, they are ready to take on the challenges the world has to offer, and over come them. They are capable of making the world a better place.

Without the great education that is being offered at Cathedral Prep, no student will be able to achieve what they could have achieved. This is a great school. It is where things start but never end. No other place can offer the same challenging classes, brotherhood, or athletic programs. It is an institution built to change the world.

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