Product Review: Apple Pencil

January 8, 2016

Recently, the Apple stock price has dropped tremendously. People are just not as interested in the improvements of Apple’s products. The recent iPhone 6s has been criticized because it is almost the same as the iPhone 6. However, Apple recently developed a new product that has not gotten many positive reviews, the Apple Pencil.

Where do I begin with the dreaded Apple Pencil? Well, first off, the retail price on this product is “just $99.” This price would be reasonable if this product had more than one usage. The only usage for this device is to draw precise lines. It is so precise that it can draw a single pixel. So, if you are not using this stylus for drawing artistic pieces, it is worthless. I will give you an inside hint. If you are looking for a stylus, go to Walmart and buy a $1 stylus so that if it breaks, it is not a huge loss.

The other huge downside to this product is that it only works effectively on five apps: Notes, Mail, Paper by FiftyThree, Adobe Comp CC, and Pixelmator. If you are not using the Apple Pencil in any other app, it works as a regular stylus would. The one thing that is nice about the pencil is that it can detect your palm and ignores it. However, once again if you are not using one of the five apps mentioned above, then it does not work.

Another drawback of Apple Pencil is that it is only compatible with the iPad Pro. It will not work with any other Apple device. So, I strongly recommend not purchasing this project. As Senior Daniel Anthony perfectly stated, “It looks like it should be on the $5 ‘As Seen on TV’ shelf at the local CVS drug mart.” All-in-all, in my opinion, this is another typical case scenario of Apple trying to outdo the competitors and ultimately falling short.

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