Staff Profile: Anthony Nunez

October 27, 2020

If you were to search the stage during a musical or visit the chorus room, you’re likely to find Anthony Nunez, managing editor of The Rambler, pursuing his musical passions. The Cathedral Prep senior has been interested in music his entire life but began to involve himself greater as a result of his fascination with its complexity and flexibility.

“I just thought it was really cool,” Anthony said. “There’s a million things you can do with music, like so many harmonies, chords, notes, and things you can string together. I always thought that was really cool.”

To explore this newfound interest, he began by trying to play instruments such as the piano and guitar and participate in Prep’s theater program. His first musical was Les Miserables during his freshman year. After this first play, he participated in his personal favorite play The Last Days of Judas Iscariot, in which he played The Judge.

“I felt a connection to the character,” he said. “I made him my own. I was able to understand him more and go more in-depth with him.”

Although Anthony has experience with physical standard instruments, his preferred music-maker is his singing voice. Up until freshman year, he had sung casually, but he had not begun to take it as seriously as he soon would.

“It’s kind of like your own personal instrument that you can take anywhere,” Antony said. “It’s really cool.”

Through the various modes of musical expression that Anthony is involved with, he shows a love for music. The expression that is possible through it is what mainly drives this passion. This could be explaining your own emotions, feelings towards others, or feelings about a topic.

“Some songs can be really simple, but still be really meaningful,” he said. “There’s no complexity to music. Anyone can find anything they like.”

Anthony isn’t involved with any major musical organizations outside of Prep theatre and Prep chorus, but he enjoys playing songs with his friend group and collaborating on musical concepts. He sees this as a fun way to learn and a great way to express yourself. Through these activities, he finds a large sense of accomplishment.

“Whether it’s just learning something, finally playing that riff correctly, or singing that run correctly, there’s so many things in music that can make you feel like ‘Wow, I just did that,’” Anthony said.

Improving upon vocal skills and gaining comfort with his singing voice is what the Prep senior has been focusing on lately. He intends to be the best he can be when it comes to expressing himself musically. He would love to learn more about music theory and increase his musical knowledge.

“It’s always a good thing to expand your horizons and experiment because I’ve never met somebody who doesn’t like music,” he said. “I think no matter what you’ll find something in music that will suit you. Music is for everyone.”

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