Beards for Blessings: Students purchase ‘No Shave Passes’ for a cause


The Rambler

Senior Sean Reed is among the students who purchased a No Shave Pass.

The students of Cathedral Prep returned from Thanksgiving to crowd the halls and cause trouble. Only this time something’s a little different: some of them have beards! That’s right. Members of the Cathedral Prep student body were able to buy “No Shave Passes” for just $5 from Cathedral Prep Campus Ministry. Students who purchased a “No Shave Pass” were allowed to go one week, following Thanksgiving break to grow out their facial hair with no repercussions.
Junior Dan Brugger is among the students who purchased a No Shave Pass.

Students returned from break on Wednesday, Dec. 3, and are allowed to grow out their beards, mustaches, and mutton chops, until the following Tuesday, Dec. 9, but are expected to return to school the following day clean shaven and in full uniform. The “No Shave Pass” was one of two fundraisers, along with a dress down in early November, to help one of Cathedral Prep’s own in a difficult time.
The Rambler asked Father Jason Feigh about the fundraiser. “The ‘No Shave Pass’ was, at the permission of our administration, to help one of own in need at a desperate time,” Fr. Jason said. “It went in conjunction with a fundraiser on November 5th, and all of those proceeds went to one of our own, who needed it.” He went on to say how important it is to get out and help within our community, stating, “It is an opportunity to show that there are various ways that we can help each other; sometimes fun things – sometimes more serious things, but by in far just to use any opportunity we have to help anyone in need when the time comes.”
Between the dress down and the “No Shave Pass” fundraisers, campus ministry has raised more than $1,200.