IHOP coming to Erie


Brian Buseck

Over the past few years the people of Erie have become increasingly aware that they have been deprived of something very special. While munching on their Big Macs, Baconators, and Doritos Locos Tacos, they realized there was nowhere to get a good fast food pancake around here. The citizens of Erie have been able to travel far and wide, witnessing the chains that have become established in other parts of the nation. Places like Sonic, Whitecastle, and The Cheesecake Factory have become wanted by almost everyone, but few chains are desired as much as IHOP. There’s even a “Bring IHOP to Erie” Facebook page.
Fortunately, the wait is almost over. It was decided at the Scott Enterprises 2015 Managers Conference that Scott Enterprises will bring the popular breakfast chain to Erie. They’ve decided to establish not one, not two, but three IHOPs in the greater Erie area. The first location will be on Peach Street, and the next two will be built on the east and west sides of Erie, ensuring that wherever an Erieite lives, quality pancakes will only be minutes away.
This is truly an exciting time to be alive for all Erie citizens. The International House of Pancakes is sure to spice up life in our little town. IHOP has all the breakfast foods an individual could desire (pancakes, omelets, French toast, crepes, bacon, hash browns). IHOP offers many different styles of pancakes, including traditional buttermilk, blueberry, chocolate chip, strawberry banana, and pumpkin.
The anticipation building around Prep is a good reflection of the anticipation building all over Erie. “It’s gonna be flippin’,” says senior David Rahner, quite proud of his pancake-themed pun.
“I am a very pro IHOP,” said Fr.Jason Feigh, “because they offer any sort of pancake, particularly [the] peanut butter pancake.” Until this moment, I didn’t even know peanut butter pancakes were possible. I guess that’s what IHOP does. They make the impossible, possible.
With many avid pancake fans, Erie is bound to be a good fit for IHOP, and IHOP a good fit for Erie.