Senior class launches Yankee Candle fundraiser


The Rambler

Every year the class presidents put together fundraisers to help raise money for their respective classes. This year the senior class has an odd but genius idea. Their idea is guaranteed to make a great amount of money; their idea is to sell Yankee Candles. Yes, you read that right, candles. Most students are thinking that this is a dumb idea because they are not interested in the product. However, when they show the order forms to their mothers or other family members, then the real interest will spark.
Candles are very popular all throughout the world. According to, “candles are used in 7 out of 10 U.S. households.” This is a gigantic number of candles when you think of the vast number of houses in America. The senior class officers, with the help of Mr. Vicary, came up with this impeccable idea. When interviewing Mr. Vicary about the fundraiser he had nothing put praise saying, “All you have to do is find a woman in your life and hand her the order form. The rest is history. It sells itself.”
Although the students are not as supportive in comparison to last year’s idea, which was a really cool Cathedral Prep Nike Dri-Fit T-Shirt, the candles might reel in more productivity. There are few students at Prep that are willing to cough up their own money to buy a candle. However, family members, neighbors, friends, and many others will enjoy their long lasting, brilliantly scented Yankee Candles so much. Also, they will love them even more because they know they are supporting the young, gifted class of 2016 at Cathedral Prep.