Nominate a Prep faculty member to be our featured “Teacher of the Week”


The Rambler

There is something to be said about the faculty here at Cathedral Prep. Everyone knows the teachers here are a very dedicated and talented bunch. But this week, during the brainstorming part of our journalism class, an idea sprouted. This idea has some real potential, and we believe that it will be successful.
“Teacher of the Week” will be a weekly feature article profiling a teacher that is selected by the students of Cathedral Prep. Students may send their votes to myself by email or to [email protected]. At the end of the week, we will tally the votes. The teacher who earns the most votes will be interviewed and have an article posted about them the following week. The same teacher may not be selected twice.
Don’t forget that you may also include elective teachers as well as any other administration member who you think deserves some glory, recognition, distinction, kudos, merit, etc.
We believe this article can be very successful as well as entertaining. So send in your votes today!