It Grinds My Gears When…

It Grinds My Gears When...

Brian Buseck

Once again, we here at The Rambler have found our gears thoroughly ground. Alas, we cannot keep quiet about these issues.
One thing that grinds my gears is an excessive Snapchat story. When I go on Snapchat and click on a story to view, I’m looking for a little entertainment. Perhaps I’ll find a five-second video of a cute puppy prancing around the living room or a photo of a promposal that warms my heart and makes me believe in love again. This kind of story has the potential to make my day—nay, life.
What I do not wish to see when I click on a person’s story is a 100-plus-second story of a bunch of high schoolers having “the night of their lives.” Filled with videos of girls yelling, “Woo!” and gentlemen acting like they’re cooler than the Fonz, these stories really grind my gears. Even worse than stories of these so-called eventful nights, are the stories that are super long but contain no interesting material. An individual may post thousands of pictures of city blocks, a friend making a face, a cupcake they are about to eat, or a sad looking lamp. Frankly, any story over 50 seconds (and that’s pushing it) is a waste of my time and theirs. Anything that I consider a waste of my time tends to grind my gears.
Another gear grinder of mine is when a student leaves the classroom and leaves the door open just a crack. Open just enough to grind my gears. This leaves me to question the student, did you get too tired to close the door all the way? We had the door closed for a reason. We don’t want to hear the hooligans out in the hallway messing around. After all, this is a learning environment. We can’t be annoyed and distracted by little things like the door open just a crack. I’ll leave with this final joke: When is a door not a door? When it’s ajar.