NHS runs second successful blood drive of the year


The Rambler

On Tuesday, April 26, the National Honors Society at Prep ran a blood drive in collaboration with the Erie Community Blood Bank. This was the second blood drive this year, following up the last one that occurred in the fall. A total of 46 people donated, and this included students, faculty, and staff. That was five more people than donated compared to the last drive. Considering all of the students involved in track and field and intramural basketball, this was a pretty solid number.
NHS member and senior Jason Constable was the Blood Drive chair. He had to organize the whole event along with theology teacher and NHS adviser Mrs. Slaby. There were 37 NHS volunteers that helped make the drive a huge success. Members were needed to organize sign-ups, set up the tables and chairs, give donators food and refreshments, and tear down the drive. When seeing all the help he got from his fellow Society members, Jason mentioned, “It was inspiring to see all the people donating and helping out for such a great cause.”
A blood drive is most definitely a great cause for the community. There are different people that come in to the emergency room every day with injuries and severe blood loss. Every person that donates blood helps save the life of someone like this. Sometimes, blood transfusions are done in emergencies, which requires a very large amount of blood. The Community Blood Bank is a tremendous organization, and Prep will continue to work with them in the future to continue to make a difference.