Adrian Peterson out 3-4 months


Brian Stark

On Sunday Night Football of Week 2, America again watched Minnesota Vikings running back go through yet another major injury. During the game against the Green Bay Packers, Peterson tore his meniscus during an awkward tackle. This injury is projected to keep Peterson off the field for three or four months, which would result in Peterson’s probable return at the start of the playoffs, if the Vikings make it. Though he has had no more complications with his knee since the injury, he was placed on the injury reserve by the Vikings. However, they did promise Peterson that he will always have the option to finish his career in Minnesota.
In the one and a half games Peterson played this season he recorded a modest 50 rushing yards on 31 attempts. Compared to his career number of 4.9 yards per carry, his short season had been anything but normal.
Peterson is 31 years of age, and he has had multiple injuries in his NFL career dating back to 2007. He has injured his knee three times, his leg twice, his ankle twice, his groin twice and his foot once. Have we seen the best of Adrian Peterson? Is his career on the downward slope to his inevitable retirement?
We will never know until his recovery in the distant future. Vikings’ fans are distraught because of Peterson’s injury and the fact he will not complete his unwritten yearly expectations as the face of the franchise. Lifelong Vikings fan Will Gottesman, a senior at Mercyhurst Prep, said, “It’s sad seeing such a great player suffer so many injuries.” He went on explaining that, “If it weren’t for his constant injuries Peterson could’ve been the greatest running back in NFL history.”