Prep participates in mannequin challenge

Charles Deitrick III

The “mannequin challenge” has become a viral internet sensation. The challenge is for people stand still as if they are mannequins (hence the name) while a camera scans and pans the room. For the most part the song playing in the background is “Black Beatles” by Rae Sremmurd.
After seeing all of the mannequin challenge videos on Twitter, many students at Prep really wanted to participate in the challenge. Cathedral Prep Principal Mr. Smith wanted to do this challenge with the whole student body of Cathedral Prep. He said it was brought up to him by Mrs. Duermo and he thought “it was really cool” after seeing the Penn State football video. So, before the amazing debate between Peter Bloomstine and Douglas Spizarny the entire Prep student body did the mannequin challenge.

The challenge went really well despite some kids coughing in the background, although that was edited out of the final video. In Mr. Smith’s words, “it was perfect.”
Many people wouldn’t believe that almost 600 teenage boys sat still for three minutes straight. And quite honestly who could blame them? But Cathedral Prep pulled it off once again!
Villa also recorded a mannequin challenge. Villa’s mannequin challenged was scrutinized by Prep students, and many of the Ramblers were very quick to say it was worse than Prep’s version. Mr. Smith even said, “I know Prep’s was better than Villa’s!”
The mannequin challenge is really cool, especially if you get a whole bunch of people to do it. In conclusion, if you haven’t seen it yet, which I don’t know how you could not have, watch some. You will either find it really cool, or really stupid.