It Grinds My Gears When…


The Rambler

Once again the writers of The Rambler have found things that grind our gears. For the first time this year, the “It Grinds My Gears When…” series is making its return. For this article we will be focusing on school work over holiday breaks.
When the holidays come around they are also accompanied by family time, fun with friends and a much needed break from school. I can’t tell you how many times I have been on break, having a fun time with my family, and then suddenly I think of an assignment that I must complete over the break. This small little thought is enough to put a damper on the fun I am having. It is often difficult to make the most out of your break when you have school work to complete.
So I guess you can say that getting homework over holiday breaks grinds my gears.
Along with getting homework on our break, most of us received tests and quizzes as soon as we got back. How is that possible? Teachers expect our brains to be fully on and functional after a week of break. This causes students to lose a mental focus. It is unfair to students that actually participate fully in school to then get put through a stressful day back with a pop quiz or test.
There is no reason to get homework over the break or tests and quizzes on the day back. Can you tell why this “grinds our gears”? The one solution to this problem would be for teachers to try their best to conclude their assessment with no homework over break. Then, when the student body comes back from break, there should be a minimum of a two- day review on what was taught before break.
If you were in our position, would this grind your gears?