Lent brings more opportunities for students


Alec Thomas

Since the Ash Wednesday mass was celebrated in the Cathedral, and Catholics have made their promises to abstain from meat on Fridays, and, perhaps, have given up something they enjoy to honor Christ giving his life, this season’s meaning take us much deeper.
Since the start of this Lenten season, Campus Ministry, along with Father Jason, and the students and faculty of Prep, have embraced this holy season. As Easter approaches and we prepare to celebrate, many are taking time to reflect on what really matters. Prep junior Patrick Reim said, “I really enjoy the emphasis on getting to mass before school. It allows me a moment of calm in a hectic school day.”
Mass is held every morning in the chapel on the third floor. Confessions are offered after school and a school-wide confession session was offered last week to help prepare students’ minds and souls for the fast-approaching Holy Week ending on Easter Sunday.
Along with attending mass, daily prayers are becoming a lot more important to everyone as well. “I can definitely see a change in my students. Prayer before class is becoming much more of a focal point, and it’s nice to see that,” said junior English teacer Mrs. Vomero.
If group prayers aren’t your style, the chapel next to the lunch room is open all day for private prayer. Many students and faculty alike  go there to pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet, a famous prayer seen in a vision by St. Faustina. It’s prayed on the holy rosary and is one of the most peaceful, powerful, and easy to learn prayers.”
“I love [the Divine Mercy Chaplet], said Spanish teacher Miss McElhinny. :It’s very repetitive, but while you’re saying it you are taken much deeper. It shows how God will never turn his back on us.”
So as we take this Lenten journey by ourselves and as a school remember in the busyness of our lives and the corruption of our world that the church and Cathedral Prep are a shining sanctuary of good and God.