CYO All-Stars vs. Prep Varsity Basketball Game Review: The “Game of the Century” turns into a blowout


Mark Majewski

With all the excitement and anticipation for the annual CYO game, a new format was put in place that was one of a kind. Instead of having the faculty team play against the all stars of this year’s CYO league, the Cathedral Prep varsity team would play against the all stars. It seemed like a great idea at first, but it turned into a rough time for the CYO team, their coaches, and fans.
The first quarter might’ve been the most exciting part of the game. After a quick 7-0 lead for the varsity team the CYO All-Stars made a quick 7-0 run to tie it up. Adam Upperman added a 3 to take the lead again. But at the end of the 1st quarter, the varsity held a tight 10-9 lead. In the second quarter, however, the wheels fell off for the All-Stars when senior Jaryn Simpson for the varsity “went off.” He was high scorer for the game and truly the MVP for the game. The varsity took a strong lead going into the third quarter by 15 points.
The third quarter ended up being a fiasco and turned out to be the final quarter played because it turned into such a blowout. Half court shots were being thrown up by both teams and it seemed like both teams just stopped trying. Hockey substitutions started. A CYO player, Trey Dietrick, had to leave for play practice and even a fan, Joe Campbell, ran onto the court and played a few minutes. In the end, however, the varsity pulled it out through three quarters by a final score of 50-29. While there weren’t many high points for the CYO team, one was player Dave Nies who had over 20 points and dominated for the CYO All-Stars. Even though it was a blowout, it was a fun experience for both teams and for the fans who experienced some great and some not-so-great basketball.