Student Profile: Keegan Welka


Ryan Rzepecki

Keegan Welka is currently a junior at Cathedral Prep. One of Keegan’s favorite things to do is to go snowboarding. Before he started snowboarding he used to ski. Keegan made the transition from skiing to snowboarding back in his 8th grade year. His friends were the biggest impact on him going from skiing to snowboarding.
Keegan is a part of the ski club at Prep and goes snowboarding at the Peek’n Peak resort almost every Friday during the winter. Other than the Peak he said that he’s been snowboarding at Seven Springs, Holiday Valley, and went on the Vermont skiing trip for Prep. When asked about his favorite part about snowboarding he said, “Being able to go out and snowboard with his friend is definitely the best part.” Although Keegan has not been in any snowboarding competitions he said, “One day I would definitely like to get to that point to be in a competition.”
When Keegan first started snowboarding he did take some lessons throughout his first year to get the basics down. Keegan is still working hard to improve on his snowboarding skills. He said, “Right now I’m trying to focus on my tricks, and to be fearless about it because the worst thing you can do when approaching tricks is to be timid.” He stated, “I probably go snowboarding around 20 times per year.” Keegan is also very into watching the X-Games and looks up to the snowboarders that participate in it.
Making the choice to snowboard instead of ski is a choice Keegan has no regrets about. “I couldn’t be happier with my decision,” Keegan stated when asked if he made the right choice to start focusing on snowboarding over skiing. Keegan is looking forward to another great snowboarding season this upcoming winter and hopes to develop even more skills and tricks.