Students honored at third quarter sessions ceremony


Keegan Welka

For the third time this year, Cathedral Prep held an award ceremony to recognize students who have performed at a certain level in the classroom. Each class was honored with numerous certificates and rewards while guest speaker, the Rev. Richard Toohey, pastor of Our Lady of Peace parish, followed up with a quick speech. The ceremony concluded with a farewell from Father Jabo and an all school performance of the school song Loyal and True
Quarter sessions was introduced by senior student Adam Malesiewski, who began appropriately with a prayer and the national anthem. Following this, people who received first and second honor cards for the quarter were recognized in each class. In order to receive second honors, your lowest grade for a class had to be a B for the quarter. To be the recipient of first honors, students have to maintain an A in each of their classes.
“It feels really good to be recognized for my grades,” junior student Ryan Rzepecki said. “It motivates me to continue being successful in the classroom.”
After the honor cards were handed out, the next achievement recognized was for students in each class who maintained the highest QPA. Following this, the prestigious “Man of Prep” award was given to the student who not only had good grades but also maintained consistent success in extracurriculars, classroom behavior, and character inside and outside of school. Once this award was handed out, Fr. Toohey was invited to the stage as the guest speaker for the ceremony. After his speech concluded, Loyal and True, the school’s song, was played and sung by all of the attending members of the ceremony.
Prep’s final quarter sessions of the year went by faster than many expected. A lot of students may have gotten an honor card for the first time, while others may have missed getting an honor card.
Junior student Craig Palotas said, “This year has been very difficult academically and missing out on an honor card is a bummer, but I’m going to keep trying to improve my grades regardless.”