Saints hand Rams first loss of season, spoil their undefeated season


Regan Schleicher

A game between the highly rated New Orleans Saints and Los Angeles Rams was a must-see NFL football game on Sunday. With two of the highest rated offenses in the league, this was a highly anticipated game for all fans. The game ended in a 45-35 win for the Saints, which ended the Rams’ undefeated season.
This game also proved many things about the Saints and the Rams. With so much focus on the Saints offense, the defense of this team was very underrated. This game was an offensive shootout, so it came down to which defense could come up big for their team.
The Saints’ defense was the key part in the win. In many categories, the Saints’ defense was ranked in the mid to lower areas. Throughout the game on Sunday, the defense proved that it can be elite. Another thing learned from the game is that the Rams are missing Aquib Talib, the number one corner on the roster. Talib would have been covering Michael Thomas most of the night.
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With Talib healthy, it is expected that Thomas would not have been so explosive during the game, and may not have caught the 72-yard pass late in the game.
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As both of these teams have superstars up and down their roster, it was a highly anticipated game for many fantasy football owners, too. Colin Taraski, a sophomore Prep student and fantasy guru, commented on how the game benefited his team. “This game was huge for me because I had Michael Thomas and Drew Brees,” he said. “Those two basically carried my team to the win this week, all because of the huge offensive showdown during the game.”