Staff Profile: Chris Oliver


DeMere Strickland

With many new members added to The Rambler this year, and with a bigger staff this year than the previous one, it is good to be familiar with some of the newest additions to The Rambler staff.
One of them, Chris Oliver, was a part of this addition to The Rambler staff this year. Chris is a senior at Cathedral Prep, and has been a student at Prep since freshman year. Throughout his now four years at Prep, he has contributed greatly to the school’s football team, which recently won its third consecutive state championship.
Chris most often plays offensive tackle, and is a very helpful member of the offensive line, which has helped the Prep football team enjoy a lot of success over the past few years. He has been a part of the football team since freshman year, which has helped him hone his skills to become an effective member of the team.
Chris is a member of the historic Class of 2018, which played in or won the state championship game in all four years they went to Prep! As for a bit of history, Chris has been involved with the sport for most of his life.
“I’ve been playing football since I was about seven,” said Chris.
So it’s clear he has not only talent, but also enjoys the sport quite a bit. Chris lives with his mother and father, and has an older sister. His favorite genres of music include Rap, and R&B. His favorite foods include chicken alfredo, and fried chicken. He is a very nice guy, and a wonderful member of The Rambler staff this year.