Students are honored in the first quarter session of the 2018-2019 school year


Jared Heidt

The first quarter sessions of the 2018-2019 school year celebrated the academic successes of the the Prep students for the first quarter. This is a time where the school can collectively celebrate each others’ achievements for the quarter and see the results of the competition to have the most honor cards.
The freshman class received 11 first honors cards, as well as 48 second honors cards. The freshman placed second in the proportion of honors cards for the various classes, with 49 percent of the freshman class received honor cards for the first quarter. 
The sophomore class received 5 first honors cards and 39 second honors cards. In total, 35 percent of the sophomore class received honors for the first quarter, the least out of the classes for the first quarter.
Four juniors received first honors, while 52 juniors received second honors. The junior class ended up with the third highest proportion of honors cards, with 45 percent of the class earning honors cards.
From the senior class, 4 students received first honors and 65 students received second honors. The senior class has the highest percentage of honors cards compared to the class size, with 53 percent of the class earning honors class. 
The first quarter flew by fast, especially for the seniors. Senior Ryan Sweny said, “Though there have been the usual academic challenges to face, such as hard tests and an overall hefty course load, after the quarter sessions, I came to see just how fast the first quarter has come and gone, and how we are already progressing through the second quarter.”