CP gears up for Easter break


Ryan Rzepecki

It’s hard to believe but Easter break is almost upon us already. Easter Sunday is less than a week away, and the students and faculty here at Cathedral Prep could not be more excited. Not only does everyone get to celebrate the Lord’s resurrection and spend time with family, we also get a 10-day break.

Almost everyone can agree that this break is very much needed. It’s a perfect time to regroup, relax, and come back strong to finish the rest of the school year. Senior Eliot Sampson went in depth about how he is very excited to go relax on the beach for a week, enjoy the warm, weather and get ready for the final month of high school. “Time is going extremely fast,” he said. “I can’t believe we’re already [more than] halfway through April.”

Star wrestler Kawaun DeBoe, said, “Over Easter break, [I’m going to] chill with the fam and maybe even hang with some ladies.” He even went on to talk about how he might do a little speed training to help prepare himself for the wrestling combine.

With this long of a break it gives the students way more free time than they usually get during their normal school week. Not only is the whole student body ready for some time off, teachers and faculty also are also excited.

Mr. Parsons, a social studies teacher here at Cathedral Prep, says he plans to spend his break with his family. “Hopefully we will get to go outside and enjoy some nice weather while also having some great Easter chocolate,” he stated.

Whether it’s spending time with family, sleeping, or even hanging out with friends almost everyone is ready to have time to do what they want.