Checking in with Ms. Kabasinski at the end of her first year teaching at Prep


Jorge Barrios

The 2018-2019 school year is winding down with only a few weeks left and less than 10 school days left for the seniors. For some teachers, like Ms. Kabasinski, it is also nearly the end of their first year at Cathedral Prep.

Ms. Kabasinski was so excited to start off the year here at Prep, ready to teach the young men here and guide them into their future through chemistry, physics, and integrated science. She has worked hard to get the young men to live out the Prep motto of being “men of vision in spirit, mind, and body.”

One of the highlights of her class is the Friday Sci-Fri presentations. Throughout the year each student got a chance to get up in front of the class and present on a topic of their choice. This was a chance for students to practice their public speaking in front of the class while also teaching the class about a topic that is somehow science related.

She is definitely looking forward to future years of teaching what she loves to teach, which is science. As she is teaching more and more, she is becoming better and better as a person and as a teacher with the help of fellow classmates of hers, coworkers, and her students.

“The school year has gone by so fast,” said Ms. K. She is going to miss the seniors of the class of 2019, but she is looking forward to teaching future freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors. As time goes by her lesson planning continues to improve, and her teaching skills continue to go up more and more, even though she is a great teacher already.