Rally crew’s debut effort gets student body ready before St. Ed’s game


Jon Sapienza

Last Friday, the rally crew hosted a pep rally in Prep’s auditorium to help get the student body excited for the big game against Saint Ed’s. This rally was full of surprises, hype, and look-a-likes that made students laugh. The rally began with the bell ringing and the students filling out the seats in the auditorium. While the students were entering, there was smoke from the smoke machine, flashing lights, and loud trap music. This really set the vibe early on that this rally was going to be a great time.

To get an inside look into the rally, I asked rally crew member Q Santillan what he thought about this rally and rallies in the future. “There were some good things and there were some bad things, but I believe it was an overall success,” Q said. “There’s definitely room for improvement, and we’re hoping to be back even better for the McWho rally.”

This really says a lot about what the rally crew has in store for the student body this year. This rally brought all of the essential aspects to the stage. It was hype, well thought out, and clean. Even though this was a great exhibit of the school spirit at Prep, Q and the rest of the rally crew believe that there are bigger and better things in store to get pumped for the game against that one school on 38th Street.