Teacher Profile: Mr. Awungnkeng


James Janicki

Mr. Awungnkeng is one of the new theology teachers at Cathedral Prep this year. Mr. Awungnkeng started teaching in middle school, but he did not enjoy the energy and maturity level of the students there. This lead him coming to Cathedral Prep to teach students with a more intellectual way of thinking. He picked theology to teach so that he can inform the students at prep about the way of God. 

Mr. Awungnkeng is from Cameroon. He traveled to the United States on Oct. 28, 2014. Then in 2015 he came to Erie to attend Gannon University for his undergraduate degree. During his time at Gannon he won the Rev. Charles Drexler Award. While at Gannon he also attended St. Mark Seminary. Currently he is also is attending Franciscan University to obtain his master’s degree.

One reason he started teaching at Prep was because he needed a more capable audience to teach. “A lot of my friends went to Prep and always told me how great the atmosphere was and how fun all the events were,” he said. This shows that Prep leaves a positive impact on people