Senior Project brings reflection and closure for 2020 Class


Jack Oedekoven

Cathedral Prep seniors have worked long and hard for three and a half years, and now they can begin to relax a little bit.

The massive Senior Project was due last week for the senior Ramblers in their theology classes, and turning it in has the seniors marking off another graduation requirement.

The project, consisting of essays and questions, tells the story of each respective senior’s life and outlines their viewpoints on themselves, God, others, and nature.

“It is difficult to tabulate the number of hours, perhaps days, which have been spent on this senior project,” said senior Mike Oblich. “If I say that I spent approximately half an hour per page, that would mean my 86 page senior project would equate to roughly 43 hours of work, or one full work week.”

The sheer volume of the project can be overwhelming for some, but some seniors don’t think it is as difficult as it is portrayed.

“It wasn’t as bad as I thought,” said Senior Roman Miksa. “I learned a lot about myself and talking about myself made all those hours fly by. It made me think a lot about me, my classmates and my time at Prep, and I’m pretty thankful I was a part of that.”

Not only did the Senior Project bring reflection upon the Seniors, but it also marks the beginning of the final chapter for them.

“There isn’t much left to be done anymore,” said Senior Sam Pentz. “I feel like now that the project is over, I can focus on bigger and better things.”