Student Profile: Max Campbell


Nick Cacchione

Maximilian Philip Campbell was born on May 26, 2004. He has been a resident of Erie, Pennsylvania, his entire life. As a child he was seen as always being above average sized. Max attended Villa Maria Elementary School, or Little Villa, all the way up until it’s closing in 2017. He then switched over to St. Jude and graduated 8th grade from there. 

If you know the name Campbell, you immediately know that they come from a big family, most of which live in Erie and attend Cathedral Prep or Villa. Max has two brothers, Andrew who is member of the Cathedral Prep Class of 2020, Stephen, who is a member of the 2021 Prep class, and one sister, Maria, who graduated from Villa in 2018. Even while being the youngest child in his family, Max still holds his own against his older brothers. “Max likes to fight, so I try not to mess with him,” said his older brother Stephen.

Max likes to spend his days fishing, working out, playing video games, or being outside with friends. Another a fun fact Max would like to be shared is that he is one of local Erie Sports Reporter, LSelb’s (of LSelb Sports) biggest supporters. 

Already having his future planned out, Max plans to attend a college and major in orthodontics in hopes to be an orthodontist. He would like to attend the college or university that will give him the best deal. If this plan fails, he would like to take up a career of being a stand-up comedian.

Max is also the number one diver at Cathedral Prep, even though he is only a sophomore. Qualifying for the District Meet in both his freshman and sophomore year, Max has been very close to breaking the Prep record for points scored in a meet. He plans to achieve this goal within the next season. He would also like to swim next year, as well as continue to dive. Max said, “Now that Nick Cacchione finished his last season, I can finally be the diving team captain.” I know Max will do a great job taking over my role as captain of the Diving Team.

Max will graduate from Cathedral Prep in the year 2022.