Seniors reflect on years at Prep


Jonathan Zambroski

The class of 2021 have started their final year as a Cathedral Prep Rambler. It all started in 2017 when we first walked in for Freshman Orientation. Students sat in the auditorium and introduced themselves to whomever was around them and had Father Jabo talk to them about the brotherhood. From that point on we were all brothers.

“You could feel the pressure to live up to the high standard that is expected here,” Senior Class President Joseph Agresti said. “But you could feel that every guy in the hallway has your back.” 

Fast forward to now and looking back on how every experience has developed you as a person, you see how every big and little decision you made has helped you learn more about yourself.

“I feel like I’ve become such a better person and have really reached my potential in sports and in the classroom,” senior Caleb Noble said. “I also think it has made me a more social person and gave me so many great relationships.” 

The teachers here at Prep are very helpful in every situation because they love and take pride in what they do. They want to see every kid that sits in their classroom reach their full potential and succeed.

“I have learned so much about being responsible, respectful, and overall just how to become a man,” Caleb said. 

Prep has had a major impact on everyone that walks through the hallways. Prep develops these kids into men by teaching us skills that we will use in the future and how to handle different situations life throws our way. We also teach ourselves a lot of lessons by learning a lot about ourselves and others and taking a lesson from each decision you make.

“Prep has impacted my life by showing me the importance of loyalty through the Prep brotherhood that will last a lifetime,” Joseph said.