Online Spirit Store provides convenient way to shop for Prep and Villa gear

Phil Pedano

Many people of Cathedral Prep and Villa Maria Academy know about the Spirit Store located on the pool side of the Hagerty Family Event Center. What is new about the Spirit Store is the online version.

The online version of the Spirit Store was added recently, and the design makes it easy to shop online. The website gives visitors the option to buy exact what is in the store and more. Nowadays many people prefer to shop online rather than go into the store and leave their houses.

The online version of the Spirit Store is very organized and well put together. The website gives visitors the options to shop for Cathedral Prep or Villa Maria merchandise. The store has all kinds of gear for both schools, including T-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, headbands, face masks, hats, and more.

The store includes more things than people would think. Thus, it is great to have for both high school campuses to give the opportunity for others to represent each high school. To buy some apparel and merchandise from either Cathedral Prep or Villa Maria, visit