Teacher Profile: Mrs. Rowley


Brian Lee

The Prep-Villa community happily welcomed French teacher Mrs. Rowley to its family this school year to fill the open position amongst the COVID-19 pandemic. Mrs. Rowley, born and raised in Erie, ventured back to our small city a few years ago after going away for college.

Having taught French at both Erie Day School and Community Country Day School, she was eager to hear from a friend that Prep had an open position. Although it was an adjustment not having the previous French teacher around, the change might benefit the department.

“It’s definitely different not having Mr. Baier here,” said senior Cole Wisniewski, a past French student. “Having a new French teacher might be good, though. It could be a new way to teach French and might come across to students better.”

Mrs. Rowley has been speaking French since the age of 11, and although it is not her first language, it has grown to be something close to her heart. She finds great value in learning how to speak the language.

New French teacher Mrs. Rowley

“Career opportunities open to people who speak other languages,” Mrs. Rowley said. It’s helpful on standardized tests and great to communicate in the native tongue of the country you’re visiting when traveling.”

Starting a new job during the middle of the pandemic has gone especially smooth and has been a positive experience for the new Cathedral Prep staff member.

“Everyone has been very welcoming and supportive. I look forward to the day when all of the students will be in the building every day,” Mrs. Rowley said.

Cole notes the differences that might come with teaching at Prep could be more obvious than originally anticipated, especially since it is an all-boys school.

“When a big group of guys gets together, it can be harder to control them,” Cole said. “But I have no doubt that Mrs. Rowley will like it here at Prep. We’re happy to have her here.”

When planning the future of her French classes, Mrs. Rowley plans on conveying much more than just vocabulary words and definitions.

“I think French is one of the prettiest spoken languages,” she said. “What I look forward to the most in French class this year is sharing my enthusiasm for the language. I love everything about it.”