What are your hopes for 2021?


The Rambler

20202 was an unforgettable year marked by the COVID-19 pandemic. With the dawn of a new year upon us, the staff of The Rambler wrote about their hopes for 2021.

Colin Bish

My hopes for 2021, obviously, are that this year ends up becoming an improvement from last year. But it goes beyond more than hoping that 2021 is better than 2020, I also have a lot of big plans for myself to go through. I’m planning on looking into searching for colleges and improving my academic skill in time for the SAT. Physically, I’m trying to find a more healthy lifestyle by working out more. For me, this is a year where I want to turn everything around and help myself do better.

Brian Lee

In general, I just hope that 2021 will be a lot better than last year was. I look forward to life hopefully going back to being somewhat normal by summertime and being able to hang out with my friends in public places again. I hope that the new year will bring me success through being accepted into some of my dream schools and committing to attending them. It’s exciting to think about all of the serious changes that I’ll be going through this year: graduation, enrolling at a new college in a different state, meeting new friends and roommates, etc. Overall, I hope that 2021 will be much more enjoyable for everyone and encourage personal growth and success.

Brody McIntire

I want my 2021 to go a lot better than 2020 did in a big way. In 2021 I want to have fun and be able to hang out with all my friends and not just a certain group to be safe anymore. I also want to start getting better at golf with my friends. We started playing a lot over quarantine, and I had a good time, so 2021 will be a good year. 

Anthony Nunez

My plans for 2020 got horribly cut short due to obvious reason, so honestly my plans for 2021 are not as ambitious. I want to discover new hobbies or passions, or revisit old ones. I want to read more books, as I have a whole shelf lined up. Overall, I want to better myself as a person and learn more about what interests me. I found myself preferring to watch Netflix or YouTube than to read or do other more productive things. Hopefully, if I can, even just a handful of times, catch myself reading or catching up on an old passion of mine, I’ll find it one step in the right direction. With how 2020 turned out, I think working out the small things can help in more ways than one might think.  

Philip Pedano 

My hopes for 2021 are for things in everyone’s lives to try and get back to normal. I hope that our senior class can enjoy all the things that along with being a senior. Us seniors are going to have to make the best out of what time we have left here at Cathedral Prep. I am also hoping 2021 brings a lot of fun and excitement.


Will Peterson 

My hope for 2021 is that the coronavirus goes away. It has caused so much pain for so many families across the world, and most people are sick of it. So in 2021 it would be great if the virus could be cured so people can have their lives back. Going along with that I hope to be able to visit my grandmother in the nursing home this year. 

Jonathan Zambroski 

My hopes for 2021 are to have a lot of fun with my friends and family before I go off to college. I hope that my hockey and lacrosse teams and I have a lot of success this year to end my last year of sports on a good note. From there on I hope to graduate high school and enjoy my time with my family and friends and then go into college and really focus on school.  

What are your hopes for 2021? Leave your response in the comments.