Debate team competes at nationals


Will Peterson

The Cathedral Prep Policy Debate Team competed in the National Catholic Forensics League Policy National Tournament last weekend. Three teams from Prep competed in the tournament. The teams consisted of Henry Abercrombie and Hayden Hutchinson, Will Peterson and Charlie Rutkowski, and Micheal Vereb and Luke Markowitz.

Each team debated five rounds, and no teams would go through to the break rounds. The teams competed at the Cathedral Prep campus on Saturday for the first time this year. This year’s topic was criminal justice reform, and Cathedral Prep ran police unions as their affirmative. Will and Charlie won two rounds. Micheal and Luke won two rounds. And Henry and Hayden won one round.

The coach of the team, Mr. Fleming, said in an email that he was “satisfied with the results.”

Will and Charlie ranked 76th, Micheal and Luke ranked 84th, and Hayden and Henry ranked 94th. This was the last and most important debate tournament of the year for the team. It was originally supposed to take place in Minneapolis but was changed to online due to COVID-19 protocol. As the policy debate team finishes up another successful season they now prepare for next season’s topic, which is U.S. water resources.