New teachers begin at Cathedral Prep


Sam Louie

During the last year of Prep as an all-boys school, the administration has hired a few new teachers that they believe are good assets to the faculty.

The first teacher is Mr. Francois, probably one of the nicest guys you’ll ever talk to. Mr. Jordan Francois is the new French teacher at Cathedral Prep and Villa Maria Academy. He is originally from Queens, New York. After moving to Erie, he decided his interest was to go into teaching, specifically in a Catholic school. Thanks to our Vice President of Diversity, Mr. Moffet, Mr. Francois was able to comfortably move into Prep. His shift into the life of teaching at our a school has so far been a smooth ride. Francois stated that Cathedral Prep is very “inclusive” and that “the energy is great.”

The students very much like him too.

“Mr. Francois isn’t just great addition to Prep but a great addition to our lives, too,” junior Hayden Hutchinson said.

The students seem to enjoy his teaching and Francois seems to find it a mutual liking.

Next is Mr. Michael DeSalvo. Mr. DeSalvo is the new junior theology teacher and teaches a few electives along with that. He’s from Cleveland, Ohio, where he attended college before one of his good friends recommended looking into a teaching program. He ended up sticking with that program and finding himself teaching in Ohio and Mississippi before eventually finding his way to Erie, Pennsylvania. He had only ever taught in Catholic education, so finding an opening as a theology teacher at Prep was miraculous. Some of the teachers that are his personal favorites that have helped him along the way so far are Mr. Awungnkeng, Mr. Peck, and Mrs. Slaby. The rest of theology department has helped him shift into this new school. 

Last but not least is Ms. Samantha Muto. A student favorite, Ms. Muto teaches English and other electives such as Yearbook. Students believe she brings good energy to the school.

“Ms. Muto is an amazing teacher even when I do get yelled at for talking during class,” junior Ryan Hudson said. She’s from Pittsburgh but came and studied at Gannon University. Ms. Muto claimed her path into teaching was just a “quick decision while undecided.”

She was a student teacher at Mother Theresa Academy before receiving an invitation from Mr. Pituch about an opening at Cathedral Prep. One of her favorite teachers that have helped her so far is another student favorite, Mr. Parsons. So far she “loves Prep and how welcoming they were.”

Ms. Muto also believes she made the right decision to work here because she’s “more than happy with this job.”

All three teachers have been welcomed and look forward to good careers teaching at Prep.