Prep students visit Gannon’s I-HACK building


Bryce Kalie

This past Monday students from Cathedral Prep got the opportunity to tour the I-HACK building that was newly installed at Gannon University. Mr. Bhatti took a group from his Cybersecurity, Entrepreneurship, and AP Computer Science Principles classes to tour the building. This was a great way for students to further their understanding of cybersecurity, space, ethics, and overview of technology.

The group of 20-plus students were given a presentation by Thomas Camillo, Gannon’s director of undergraduate admissions. Camillo spoke to all students and stressed the growth within cybersecurity and ethics.

“Cybersecurity has grown so much over the past couple of years,” Camillo said. Here at Gannon we have one of the best technology centers in all of Pennsylvania, and when people visit they are impressed most with the technology Gannon has to offer.” 

While students were given a presentation from Gannon’s Thomas Camillo, they also offered the group of Prep students a full tour of the I-HACK building. The building was filled with impressive technology from the first to the third floor. 3D printers, flatscreen TVs, robotics, and more were showcased during the tour.

“The trip was very beneficial for me,” senior Elijah Andrae said. “I’m kind of into that stuff with coding and such, so the tour really interested me.” He also mentioned that “the 3D printing labs and Art center were really neat.”

Having the opportunity to tour the newly installed I-HACK building was a really cool experience for all of us. A big thanks to Mr. Bhatti and Thomas Camillo for setting up the tour for Prep students to attend. The I-HACKbuilding is located on Gannon’s campus and is a great way for students to further their understanding on cyberspace, security, and ethics.