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Edinboro University & Northwestern Pennsylvania High School Journalism Competition: Third Place (Website)

Dogs or Cats?


One student’s doodle quickly escalated into a classroom debate. Which animal is better, dogs or cats? Our staff weighed in with their thoughts.

Colin Bish

Honestly, I prefer both. I love cats, but I’m deadly allergic to them; I get allergic reactions around my eyes so that’s what’s been preventing me from getting one. I love dogs as well, mainly smaller ones, because I had a small dog named Nemo for over ten years. I don’t really prefer one over the other because I think they make great companions nonetheless.

Olivia Buckel

Dogs are better than cats because they add a whole new “best friend” dynamic to families and they help their owners improve their exercise routines. I have grown up with dogs my whole life, and they truly are “man’s best friend.” Some of my most cherished memories are with my dogs, and they have been there for me through the hardest times of my life. Their happy faces and bright eyes bring so much joy into my hard days, and I would not change it for the world. On top of that, dogs need exercise to function and keep their health in check. This responsibility falls on the owners’ shoulders, and so their health can inadvertently be improved upon as well! Walking is one of the best and least demanding exercises for physical health, and dogs need walked all the time. It could even become a family tradition of taking the dog for a walk after dinner. At the end of the day, I honestly like cats just as much as dogs for multiple different reasons, but my dogs are one of the best things that have happened to me, and so for that, I will say that dogs are better than cats.  

Cole Corapi

I fully believe that dogs are better than cats. Cats can be chill, but dogs have a better vibe to them. Everyone even says that dogs are a man’s best friend. In my personal experience, I’ve come across a lot more mean cats than dogs. All together, dogs are more fun to have and be around, and cats just don’t give off that vibe.  

Rue Daniels

I grew up with an obsession with cats. They are so mysterious and gentle. The reason why people do not like cats is the reason why I do like them. I like how they do not rely on their owners, unlike dogs. Dogs remind me of kids in the sense that they have no idea what is going on. I especially dislike small ones. I don’t know why they make so much noise. Barks are loud and obnoxious. I like when cats go, “meow.” Cats are purfect. 

Maddie Hess

Although I do love cats and really want one, I would have to say I like dogs better. This is probably because I’ve grown up with dogs in my house pretty much my whole life. I currently have two dachshunds, and my dog, Spice, is my whole world. She is the best dog I’ve ever had, and she’s been with me since I was 10 years old. I love dogs because they have a lot of energy, and I love going on walks with them. I also love playing with them (such as fetch and tug-of-war) and going outside with them. I do all of these things with my dog.

Bryce Kalie

Of all the questions I have ever answered, I think this one stands alone as the dumbest question I’ve ever had to answer. Which is better, cats or dogs? The answer is obviously dogs. I mean, dogs are loving, caring, and a man’s best friend. Dogs will be there to support you no matter how bad your day went. As soon as you walk in the door your dog will wag his tale back and forth for minutes because he/she is so excited. Cats, on the other hand, are just lame. They don’t let you pet them. They always act sketched out when you’re looking at them, and they probably don’t care about you. Moral of the story: dogs are just much better than cats, and 73% of America believes the same thing as me.

Sam Louie

Dogs are definitely superior over cats. Dogs are able to somewhat retain orders and follow directions. For example, a dog can be told to “sit” and do so; however, a cat could be told that and the result could just be scratch marks on your arm. Although the cats are quick and agile, dogs outweigh them with their appearance. All cats look more similar than all dogs do. Dogs also have the ability to sense something bad and can alert other people by barking. Cats just let out small, annoying “meows.” Although some positive things can be said about cats, the positives for dogs are greatly higher, and there are a lot more.

Maeve McCormick 

As someone who grew up with three dogs and one cat, I am a cat person. The love you receive from a cat is so much more special than a dog’s. Dogs always seem to be happy, and submissive, which makes them feel fake almost. When a cat loves you, you have earned their trust and loyalty and form a real connection with the pet. Also, cats’ purring can reduce stress and anxiety. A cat’s pur falls between 25-140h,z lowering blood pressure and stress, healing people, and helping people cope with illnesses.  However, a sudden loud sound, such as a dog’s bark, will result in an inability to concentrate and can lead to higher stress. Dogs are also much more difficult to take care of and require a much higher level of responsibility. With cats, you have to feed them, change their litter, and give them all the love in the world. Dogs have to be bathed very often, groomed, walked, fed, and they have high energy which can be too much for some people. People often use the argument that cats are mean, which is so far from the truth. Cats have set boundaries. If a cat scratches you, it means you did something to upset it or crossed the line, so I recommend learning how to accept boundaries. To me, having a cat feels more like a pet I am able to bond with. 

Jack Rouch

I would way rather prefer dogs over cats. Dogs are better than cats because they are more playful. There are many cats that just go off and never interact with their family. Dogs, on the other hand, are a lot more involved in the family. With a dog you can play catch with it and go on runs with your dog. Dogs also don’t involve the hassle of having to change a litter box every week.


Are you a dog person or a cat person? Share your response in the comments.

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