Students honored at first Quarter Sessions assembly


Colin Bish

The first quarter of the year at Cathedral Prep has come and gone, and traditionally students received first honors or second honors cards for their academic achievements.

The freshmen class had a great first quarter academically. Seventeen students received first honors and 50 received second honors, giving the class 67 total with 55 percent of their class receiving honors cards.

Four freshmen also received a school pennant for the highest QPA in their class. Those four freshmen were Spencer Kanne, Charbel Latouf, Declan Toohey, and Colin Troutman.

Unfortunately, the sophomore class overall struggled, with five students receiving first honors and 26 receiving second honors, giving them a total of 31 and 33 percent of the class earning honors.

Three sophomores were awarded a school pennant for the their first quarter efforts; Drew Brown, Daniel Oblich, and Brady Palmer were recognized for having the highest QPA among their class.

Daniel was appreciative of the honor of a school pennant.

“It feels great to be recognized for academic achievements at a place like Cathedral Prep,” he said. “Being surrounded by people who take their education seriously pushes me to do better in all of my classes. I plan on being one of the top students in my class throughout these next three quarters and hopefully #1 by the very end.”

The junior class put up a solid first quarter, with nine students receiving first honors and 43 earning second honors, with 52 total honors card for a class average of 47 percent.

Two members of the junior class received school pennants for the highest QPA in the class, the two being Henry Abercrombie and Aidan Levis.

Not only does Aidan want to exceed academically, he is also looking to improve in other areas outside the classroom. He said, “This year I plan on participating in beneficial events outside of the classroom through campus ministry and as a class officer so that I can accomplish more than just my academic goals during my time at this school.”

The senior class also had a relatively good first quarter while getting back into the mold of school, with seven students receiving first honors and 42 receiving second honors, giving them 49 total and a 52 percent class average.

Only one senior received a school pennant for the highest QPA of the first quarter, and that student was none other than Andrew Kolodychak.

Instead of receiving a school pennant, Andrew received a Lamp of Knowledge pin.

“As a senior,” he said, “instead of a pennant, I actually received a Lamp of Knowledge pin. It felt great to be recognized for all of the hard work I’ve put in over the last semester. When receiving this award, I remembered that this is what Prep is all about: excellence in and outside of the classroom.”

Andrew’s future academic goals is that he wants “to accomplish more within the school year.” He also added, “I plan on continuing what I’ve done before, which consisted of a lot of hard work and studying. However, I also plan on enjoying my senior year of high school and relishing my remaining days in the halls of Cathedral Prep with my Rambler brothers.”