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Colder temperatures give way to use of coats during school


Over the past couple weeks, the weather in Erie has gotten considerably colder. Most years this would be any given day, but the construction going on for the new building has caused the halls and classrooms of Prep to feel like freezers.

Due to this drastic change in temperatures, Vice President of Academics and Student Affairs Mr. Pituch and Assistant Vice President of Academics and Student Affairs Mr. Herbstritt announced last Wednesday that coats could be worn by students until further notice.

Mr. Pituch admitted that the ongoing construction around Prep was “the biggest reason for the coat rule.” He added, “There’s ultimately holes and gaps in the building that [are there when] they weren’t previously. A lot of cold air [is] getting in the building, especially with the onslaught of cold temperatures from coming back from Christmas break.”

Mr. Pituch hopes that the cold weather will pass by, but says there won’t be an end to the use of coats for a couple more weeks. When asked about when the coat rule might end, Mr. Pituch said, “By the end of January, when the structure is enclosed. [By then] the building should warm up, but I’m not making a commitment to any time at this stage of the game. Basically the building needs to warm up before we change the allowance of students wearing coats.”

Prep English teacher Ms. Mackensen has had to work around colder temperatures in her room, having to sometime deal with temperatures below 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

“It is difficult,” she said, “not only because it’s cold, but because you guys are cold, too. So having people focusing on what we’re actually doing is a little bit challenging.”

Ms. Mackensen also thinks that the allowance of coats has helped her students focus in class. She said, “The only thing we can [really] do is allow you guys to have coats and hoodies. We have giant holes in our building, so we just have to make the best of our situation and adapt as best we can until the construction is all done.”

Many students have accepted the new rule with open arms, enjoying their classes comfortably in their coats or sweaters, such as junior Jaiden Dunlap and senior Reece Colvin.

“I think it’s OK because of the repairs on the building,” Jaiden said.

“It’s been cold from all of the construction.” Reece added, “I really love that I’m allowed to wear a sweatshirt/coat in school. I don’t own a Prep sweater that is school approved, so sometimes I have to deal with being cold. Now I can wear a sweatshirt and stay warm in class. This definitely helps me focus better, as I am much more comfortable.

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