Cathedral Prep’s Candy Gram fundraiser


Sam Louie

Valentine’s Day is a day to spread love. Everyone got the chance to share their love with the people in their lives on Monday, Feb. 14 this year. 

A known Catholic school tradition is the candy gram fundraiser. It’s usually set up by student council as it was at Cathedral Prep. It’s an annual tradition that enables the students to send a piece of candy to whomever they wish at either the Prep or Villa campus. With that candy, they’re able to add a personal message as to why they sent it or just to show their appreciation.

The candy grams this year were sold for $1 apiece. They included either a piece of candy or chocolate of the buyer’s choice. The sales this year lasted from Feb. 3-10. Students were able to purchase the candy grams during their lunch.

“[It was] great to see this longstanding Rambler tradition continue strong,” Student Council President Michael Vereb said. “It’s also great to see another way student council is working on uniting our two campuses ahead of next year’s merger.”

At the end of this year’s candy gram period, the sales were fairly high. Cathedral Prep’s student council had nearly 90 sales throughout the five selling days. Students that were sent candy grams received them that Friday, Feb. 11.

This annual fundraiser is always a good way to add some holiday spirit to the school. In this case, it’s a good way for students to branch out their appreciation to their peers or even the faculty.

“Being able to spread your love to other people at the schools is nothing less than a happy tradition,” Senior Class President Andrew Kolodychak said. “There’s always happiness with being able to make someone’s day, and I think these sales were able to do just that. It helps our students remember that Valentine’s Day isn’t about receiving love from others, it’s about giving it out.”