2021-22 college basketball season rolls on toward March Madness


Jack Rouch

March is just around the corner. The college basketball regular season is coming to end, which means it’s almost that time to get ready to start filling out a bracket for March Madness. 

There are many teams that have been playing well, but there are only a few spots for the number one and number two seeds. The top candidates for the number one seeds right now are Gonzaga, Auburn, Arizona and Kentucky. The top candidates for the number two seeds are Purdue, Kansas, Baylor and Providence. All of these teams have had very good regular seasons so far and are looking to make a splash with March Madness coming right around the corner. 

“My favorite time of the year is March, because of March Madness,” Senior Saul Parr-Plasha said. “It is always a fun time making a bunch of brackets and keeping track of how good my bracket is doing.”

Every year millions of people fill out brackets to try to obtain the goal of making the perfect bracket, although there has never been a perfect bracket.

“I have filled out so many brackets and never came close to getting a perfect bracket,” Senior Gabriel Rosenberg said. “Every year I look forward to joining a bracket poll and trying to win some money.”

The college basketball regular season is winding down to an end which then leads us into March Madness. With many teams battling to get their bid into the tournament, it will lead to a great finish to a wild 2021-2022 regular season of college basketball.