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What is the best April Fools’ Day prank you have witnessed or pulled on someone else?


Happy April Fools’ Day! This week our staff wrote about the best pranks they’ve witnessed or pulled on someone else.

Olivia Buckel

The best April Fools’ Day prank that I have ever witnessed is one that my Social Studies teacher pulled on my class in fourth grade. We were all studying for a huge test on the United States. We had to label where each state was, spell the name of it correctly, spell the abbreviation for it correctly, and write the state’s capital. He told us that the test would be at the end of April, but on April 1, he started handing out the test. Everyone’s faces went white, and we all looked at each other in shock. I remember feeling really confused, so I called him out on his bluff, and he told us it was a prank. Everyone breathed a sigh of relief and we all started laughing. It was an awesome prank.  

Cole Corapi

The only April Fools’ prank I have seen that was kind of big was in middle school. The teacher went to the front of the room and then told us that we had a “pop quiz” that day. Everyone got so worried cause we had no idea what tit could be on. After a little while she said “April Fools” and we all started to laugh. Nothing big by any means, but personally I can’t think of any other April Fools’ prank that I have witnessed. 

Rue Daniels

When I was in 7th grade I tricked my brother into thinking our parents got divorced because my dad cheated on my mom. This is not true. I made a really complex story about it with “Corine” as the other woman. He was crying; I thought it was pretty funny.  

Maddie Hess

One time, my cousin played a prank on my sister on April Fools’ Day. We went to their house and he had “pudding” in the fridge. He told her that they had made it the previous night and that they saved some for her because she loves homemade pudding. She ate some of it and immediately spit it out. It was actually dog food. It was very disgusting but equally as hilarious.  

Bryce Kalie

When the calendar hits April some pretty epic pranks come with it. There have been some pretty incredible pranks pulled off, but the best one that I witnessed was awesome. Me and my little brother decided to prank our mom, and at the time my brother was just 4 years old. So we turned the garbage disposal on and faked like he was getting his fingers cut off. My mom started freaking out while we started laughing. It was a pretty epic prank and has to go down as my favorite one ever.

Sam Louie

My favorite April fools prank was actually on me. It was when I way younger in around first grade or so. I was probably 7 years old. I was really into Marvel stuff, so I loved Spider-Man and all of the superheroes. I also un-ironically had a walkie-talkie in which my dad had changed the frequency so he could talk through his phone onto it. Obviously I didn’t know this, but I was confused when I heard the walkie-talkie go off randomly. Then I heard a voice that sounded very much like the green goblin or another character coming from it. My dad had been talking to and convincing me that I was talking to a bunch of marvel characters all throughout the day. He was telling me to do random stuff like checking under the fridge. The funny part was that he never told me about the prank to this day. I had to piece it together myself.

Jack Rouch

The best April Fools’ Day prank that I have ever witnessed was from my mom. I got home from school and there was a note left on the table saying that her and my stepdad went on vacation to Florida and they will be back in a week. I was very confused because she never mentioned it before. Then, later that day she came home and told me she was just messing with me.

Have you pulled off a great April Fools’ Day prank or been the victim of one? Share your response in the comments.

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