2014 CYO Preseason Power Rankings


The Rambler

Another CYO season is fast approaching and Prep students again make up a large percentage of the rosters. Here now is our preseason power rankings heading into the 2014 season.
1. Our Lady Christian (St. Jude)
OLC has a real chance at going to states this year. They have an impressive backcourt consisting of Tony Chiarelli and Jordan Sauers. You can compare them to the “Splash Brothers” of the Golden State Warriors, but they will need to find scoring from other places too.
2. Saint George
St. George is the only team that will really compete with OLC. They have a solid all around team. Sam Riley and Ryan Dill will be the anchors for this team, and they will make a legitimate run at states this year at well.
3. Blessed Sacrament
B.S. is lead by superstar captain Sean Reed. With Anthony Achille and Jon Fiske providing some well-needed energy and intensity, and twin towers Caleb Futscher and James Fleming locking down the paint, this team might have a shot.
4. Our Lady of Peace
OLP has something going for them. They have superstar coaching. Their coaches are Prep teachers Mr. Pituch and Mr. Hubert. These two have run the faculty game at Prep for the last year or two, and hopefully with their guidance this team won’t be too bad.
5. Saint Luke
They lost a Division I-bound athlete in Felix Manus-Schell. Without the all-star, I don’t have high hopes for this squad. They will need a miracle or a breakout star to do anything this year.
6. Saint Peter
They won’t be awful, but they don’t really count because they have kids from every single parish.
7. Harborcreek Youth Services
These kids play in our league to take their mind off of the struggles they face because of their situation.
8. Our Lady of Mount Carmel